Stock footage rates and services


     Please call (212) 925-2547 or (520) 298-4810 and discuss with a researcher the shots you are looking for.    There is no charge to assemble an online file of available shots and post or e-mail it to you.


     You receive a FREE link to an online file custom assembled of the footage you are looking for.     (See FAQ for more details)


     Stock footage license fees range from $25 per second for cable TV programs up to $350 dollars per second for a worldwide TV commercial.  Most non-broadcast applications license for $45 per second or less.  

               Discounts apply to:

    • Multiple Cuts
    • One Time Usage
    • Local TV Markets
    • Educational / PSA
    • Multiple Year License 

Call about  package pricing to fit your production (and budget!)(See FAQ for more details)


     Lab transfer fees (other than HD) range from $125 - $210 (for the first two cuts) depending on the tape format.  Per-cut charges after the first two cuts range from $15 - $25.      (See FAQ for more details)

                 Formats available:

    • HD Cam, D5 & DVC Pro HD
    • AVI or QuickTime files

     With in-house dubbing as well as a full set of masters vaulted in a Los Angeles lab, The Source usually provides same day delivery of your stock footage.  Negative is available on some, but not all film-originated shots.


     The Source can use your Fed Ex account or a credit card to pay for shipping your order.


     We require payment in advance by credit card or proof of payment (i.e., a faxed copy of your check) before shipping master elements.  Also, prior to shipping, a written purchase order with time codes is required.  With this authorization,  The Source will proceed with your digital dub. 

We accept: American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards. 

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